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Organic Lady Victoria Mangos Produced In Sunny Panama

As the second most consumed fruit in the world, the mango is in high and fast-growing demand. The United States is the world´s largest importer and one of the world’s largest consumers of mangos (accounting for nearly half of the world’s consumption). From a logistical standpoint, mango producers located in Panama are positioned to capitalize on the big and growing U.S. mango market.

In many developing markets, especially in most parts of Latin America, the mango fruit is part of the daily diet. The fruit is also recognized as a source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene, among other things. The fruit is consumed fresh, dehydrated, and in juice form.

In addition, the mango tree produces a variety of marketable by-products. Mango skin can be processed into a dietary extract or animal feed. Mango seeds are ground into a paste (called mango butter) used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. The butter has qualities similar to cocoa butter and, like cocoa butter, is good for protecting and moisturizing your skin. Mango oil is used in hair products, skin creams, and other moisturizing products. The diversity and the potential uses of mango by-products by several industries provides investors with a unique and reliable investment opportunity.

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