Black Perigord Truffle Farm


Black Perigord Truffles From Spain


Black Winter Truffles Grown In The Fertile Spanish Soil

Truffles are one of the world’s most in-demand products, fetching a high price due to their rarity and premium luxury designation. What’s more, Black Perigold Truffles grown in Spain command a higher market value, roughly 30% or more, compared to other truffle producing countries.

Over the past two decades annual truffle crops have declined substantially due to dry weather and other environmental and human factors. However, recently investors have taken notice of rising prices due to the much lower truffle supply. This has lead to plantations popping up across North America, the Middle East, and South-Pacific (Australia and New Zealand). Many of these new plantations have returned mixed success, due to their location and farm management. Not being located in France doesn’t allow for premium pricing in the market.

The trees used to grow the World-Class truffles you’ll be investing in come from acorns and are inoculated in a clean and well-managed nursery. Coupled with extensive research and applied science on the inoculation and cultivation, the farm has a clear and proven approach to efficient and environmentally positive growth techniques.


Available Units


15% IRR

Min. Investment: $30,655

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